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True or False? You are what you do

Self Portrait by flapperdoodle 300As you build your unique place in the world you may not know what to call yourself. However, you can define what it is you do (and don’t do).

You could be a yodeling street-sweeper in the Bahamas and I might be a pineapple-carving poet in Bahrain…we both share the inclination to do a combination of things we love, in our own way and on our own terms.

I think there’s a term for that, and it’s coming into more common usage: creative entrepreneur.

A creative entrepreneur is what a creative entrepreneur does. You are what you do.

Here are some traits I recognize in this kind of life/work problem-solver:

  • We’re challenged by working for others and march to the beat of our own drummer.
  • We see the world as a place to experience life, not just make it through another day.
  • It’s difficult for us to separate what we love from what we do.

See the other characteristics of my fellow creative entrepreneurs in this interview I did with career coach Michelle Ward.

Did I miss any? What would you add? Tell us what makes you a creative entrepreneur (or not) in the comment area.

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