Don’t get left behind. Here’s how to manage your digital life.

Does Anyone Recognize You?

Not getting hired, promoted, asked to speak, invited to participate?

Not getting read, quoted, funded, selected, noticed?

Then you’re not being recognized.

Here’s how you can change that: overcome professional obscurity with digital literacy

You can do this many ways. On your own. With some forward-looking friends. Or, join a professional work group well-versed in the power of social media, if you know of one.

You can also do it with GlobalNiche’s team of experienced instructors and motivated global community, using our holistic method of building your online presence with intention.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve become obsessed with getting you recognized through your web platform.

This is where GlobalNiche is going, and it’s a practical application of everything we’ve been talking about. Luckily, our obsession works out quite nicely for you if you’re ready to make your mark on the world. If you’re not interested in our course, (which is an opportunity for you to *do* what we’ve been talking about!), this post has cutting-edge news-you-can-use, so scan down.


Announcing SUM-it UP at Udemy.

Watch the 2 minute intro video 

for our mixed-media course of 80+ digital lectures, presentations, instructor interaction and video coaching  (click on the video image to play, or view it at Udemy)

In a new, always-on GlobalNiche program offered at the online education platform Udemy, we’ll show you exactly how to get recognized. Since this is a fresh launch and a holiday season, we’re pleased to offer 20% off til December 1st. Scroll down this page for the code you’ll need.


Whatever way you choose to improve your digital literacy, like studying The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption, as you master digital literacy the pay-off will begin to wash over you. There will be more time. More clarity. More results. You’ll gain control over the information coming to you, and the data about you going out. This helps

But what we at GlobalNiche love about mastering-this-future-work-skill-today is:

it can get you recognized for exactly what you want to be known for.

That’ll bring the opportunities you want.

However, before anyone else can recognize you, you must first recognize yourself.

 This is the step that most social media guides skip. And it’s fundamental.

We’re dealing with a new vastness. Why limit yourself to an outmoded view of who you are and what you’re capable of?

How do you determine what should come in and what should go out if you don’t know what you’re hoping to achieve? If you haven’t glimpsed your own potential?

SUM-it UP goes deep. Our program asks you to look at what you’ve been creating. In today’s tech language they call it data mining, looking at the data patterns to see what the information says.

In SUM-it UP you’ll not just express yourself with the best social web tools available, you’ll tap into resources you’ve been sitting on

In SUM-it UP you’ll not just be building a web platform of smartly interlocking pieces, you’ll also be building your global niche

Whether you decide to join us or pursue digital literacy through another path, the sooner you commit to it, the faster you — and your work — will get recognized.

If any of this is news to you, we urge you to find out more. This is the way the world works now. It’s the way YOU can work now. Take advantage of it. Like these globally-minded writers, entrepreneurs, artists, and coaches did in our Fall 2012 course…

If *making massive things happen* is your plan, SUM-it UP is a proven way to do it.

And here’s an idea: you can be a life-changer, too. Gift the course to a friend and do it together.

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