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What is it Costing You To Not Work Toward Your Goals?

In our global web conversation this month, leadership coach Tanya Monsef Bunger led a workshop for SUM-it UP members called “Be the Captain of Your Own Ship“.

Last time we shared a clip where Tanya asked you to imagine what it would feel like to achieve your goals a year from now.

This video is the flip side, what would it feel like NOT to succeed in reaching your goals?

We hope you never have to find out, but visualizing what it might feel like is one way to motivate you into action.

Notice her first question, what did it cost you not to accomplish what you wanted?

In other words, what did you miss out on (hypothetically) as a result of not achieving what you set out to do? Let us know in the comments if you feel like sharing, then look at the next video to learn what might be stopping you from meeting your goals.


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