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Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Progress

At GlobalNiche, we’re scrappy and we know it.

In the below clip Tara explains how you too can benefit from “polishing in public”.

We’re committed to putting our work into the public sphere even if it’s not exactly how we’d like it to be.

Since over here at GlobalNiche we’re a new company pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, our production values may not be the greatest yet. We’ve got the so-called ‘website shame’. Sometimes in our tinny, over-exposed web videos we have bad hair and wear the wrong colored shirt. We stumble over our words and try things that don’t really work the way we want them to. We’re learning and experimenting as we go.

In the video, Tara explains why we share these bumbles¬†anyway…why we’re going for it even as there are tons of glossier options already out there.

Because we’ve got something unique and valuable to offer under all the rough edges.

We bet you do, too.

By withholding our work, our ideas, and our creations until we feel they’re just right, we’re actually preventing ourselves from moving forward and improving.

It’s hard to work in a vacuum without feedback. It’s hard to evolve when you’re standing still. It’s hard to polish rough edges when you can’t see them clearly.

By not sharing our imperfect creations, we’re also doing a disservice to people in our networks who CAN use them right now. The way they are. The way we are.

In fact, if we share what we have the way it is, we give ourselves the chance to meet and interact with people who may want to work with us to make our stuff better.

*Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress.* <–tweet that line

It’s okay to be scrappy. Get it out there.

What can you put out there today that you also want to improve? Share a link below and we’ll pass it on.

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