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Be the Captain of your Own Ship with Tanya Monsef Bunger: a GlobalNiche Workshop

Ever wondered “How am I going to get through this?”

Maybe you’re facing an unexpected direction change like an illness, divorce, or job loss.

What if you could see transitions as opportunity? What if instead of feeling out of control, you took the lead to design exactly what you want? What if you could use your full potential to live in harmony?

GlobalNiche believes in the power of self agency to empower you to be bigger than your circumstances. We know that you can.

In this interactive web chat with leadership coach (and GlobalNiche CFO!) Tanya Monsef Bunger, we discuss the power of taking charge of your life.  Tanya will share how you can navigate changes to create a life that you love and offer a free gift you can use to get started right away.


All SUM-it UP participants are invited to join this interactive workshop live on Friday, February 15th at 10am Pacific Time (check your local time).

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“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ― John C. Maxwell

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