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GlobalNiche interactive video sessions




Watch recordings:

15 March 2013 – Entrepreneurial Toolbox – Entreventures Forbes blogger and author of upcoming book “Steve Jobs Lives in Pakistan”  Elmira Bayrasli

15 February 2013 – Chat hosted by artist & writer Rose Deniz – The Zigzag Path: Facing the Unknown While Staying Centered

18 January 2013 – Be the captain of your own ship with Mobilize Harmony coach (and GlobalNiche financial head!) Tanya Monsef Bunger

21 December 2012 – Global Writing Communities with’s Kristin Bair O’Keeffe

16 November 2012 – The 4P’s of Your Digital Footprint: how to see your potential, expand your possibilities, set priorities and make progress

19 October 2012 – –  Show up as your best self with team and individual performance & ambitions trainer Camille Smith

17 August 2012 – How your global niche platform propels you: case studies from members

20 July 2012 – Liberating the creative hybrid in you with the Hybrid Pragmatist Amna Ahmad

15 June 2012 – GlobalNiche Q & A everything you always wanted to know about but were afraid to ask!

18 May 2012 – Communication styles of mobile progressives with multidisciplinary strategy consultant Shefaly Yogendra

28 April 2012 – 10 Tools for your Global Niche Web Platform with cofounder Tara Agacayak

16 March 2012 – Dressing the inner you, a chat with a fashion psychologist  and author Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner

24 February 2012 – Salvaging your missing parts with Coming Into Your Own retreat leaders Barbara Cecil, Burcu Yalman, and Dorian Baroni

20 January 2012 – Careers abroad when you’re a +1 with expat coaches Evelyn Simpson and Louise Wiles

13 January 2012 – Playing big with your global niche with women’s leadership coach Tara Sophia Mohr

30 October 2011 – How trauma can bring fortune  with heart-centered business coach Blanca Vergara