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Discover your creative/business/life vision, prioritize, plan, & execute with our simple digital steps. Your go-to team is a click away.

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Want to get organized? Get focused? Put the puzzle together? We’ll give you a jumpstart, and help you follow through.

We know what it’s like to put a life vision on hold because you’re missing the structure and support you need. It’s why we created the GlobalNiche program. Join our diverse community of designers and academics, executives and authors, entrepreneurs and work-at-home-parents. We’re all collaborating to create paths to our own strengths, interests and needs.


We’ll show you how to achieve your goals through small steps on the social web

You’ll combine who you are, what you want and what you have with a new mastery of technology — no distractions, no overwhelm! Along the way, you’ll enjoy the support of people who understand you.


You don’t have to see the whole path to take the first step

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We were just trying to survive when we created a life improvement program that looks like the future

GlobalNiche's founders

Anastasia’s been stranded on a snake-infested island. Tara fell off the map in a small Turkish village. We’ve also suffered every day misfits, fading in not-quite-right jobs, careers, relationships.

When we met others who understood our goals, we began to see new ways to use what we have where we are. 25+ years of expatriate life skills! Pro backgrounds in culture, media, psychology & info tech!

We became early-adopters of any tool that would help us create the life we want no matter where we are.  Now we’re sharing it with you.

We’ve combined our expat life skills with our diverse professional experience to help you achieve global dexterity & work-life fit.

What can YOU create with your unique skill set and a borderless mindset?

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Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams

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A guided path to your interests, strengths & needs



6 learning modules with over 80 digital lectures, guides & video coaching
Access the curriculum on-demand
Repeat the course as often as you like

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Align and tap the power of your online presence

GlobalNiche's SUM-it UP modules

  1. Describe your ideal situation for a specific vision
  2. Evaluate your current online resources
  3. Inventory everything you’ve created
  4. Syndicate your content across your platform
  5. Map out the path to reach your vision
  6. Take one small step after another


STUDY GROUPgroup silhouette

A seat in our 6-week peer-based group
Meet & work with your colleagues in a private community
Regular prompts guide you through the program


LIVE Q & A group silhouette

Get your questions answered by instructors each week in live interactive sessions


Make your vision a reality with tools that fit & a system that works

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We’re so sure you’re going to flourish with us

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn Black

 …if GlobalNiche turns out not to be right for you, simply request a full refund from our online course provider within 30 days of your payment. That’s it.

                                           ~  Anastasia & Tara

Start right where you are. Just start.

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