Don’t get left behind. Here’s how to manage your digital life.

No Time. No Clarity. No Confidence. No Know-How. You’re Not Alone.

Are these obstacles you’re experiencing? 

  1. Not enough time to learn or use online tools & spaces
  2. Overwhelmed by too many options
  3. Not sure you have experience or talent the world needs and cares about 
  4. Fear of sharing publicly or experimenting
  5. Lack of experience or knowledge about online tools 


We can help you.

Our community tells us they become focused, motivated, & empowered in our program.  

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Below, here’s why & how people just like you are discovering, planning and executing creative/business/life visions with us in our community-driven social web training.


1.  You’re ready to go new places & do things differently.

I’m blown away by the possibilities. I now have an action plan, am applying for grants and excited. I feel a huge shift in my life due to this program.” ~ academic

“Love the personal & pro growth spurt it’s providing!” ~  life coach

“I’m moving to a new city, contemplating a new career. I didn’t know where to start but the program is very structured and encouraging and now I’m exploring what I can do.” ~ fashion & retail professional

Excellent guided path — with foot & hand holds. I’ve had more focused conversations with vendors. I’m asking: what’s the revenue model? I’ll give some of me away, but that’s not my default anymore. Lots of shifts in thinking, and behaviors.” ~ performance coach

“SUM-it UP is for anyone who wants to grow from where they are today. You could have lost your job, you might want to change your job, or you might want to expand who you are by showcasing other interests you have.” ~ financial officer

“Getting more out of first couple weeks of SUM-it UP than months of grabbing bits & pieces elsewhere.” ~ book author

“Thanks GlobalNiche for a great reason to put G+ on my smartphone homescreen. I love this program since it’s about revisiting, enhancing and learning how to make what I do better.” ~ environmental agency worker

“It will generate introspection. It will open your eyes to the potential of online spaces. ~ global mobility expert & real estate agent


2.  You want a creative, challenging, supportive community.

A place to test my ideas & get inspired to produce them.This group of people from all over the world became my new sounding board.” ~ journalist & novelist

“Productive day. Being in the wonderful company of the creative, intelligent and supportive GlobalNiche community inspires me.” ~ software consultant & MBA student

“I love how SUM-it UP gets you into a community of like-minded media-savvy individuals thinking about platform. This week’s GlobalNiche work inspires me to push forward via Pinterest a story project I’ve been mulling over. Learning!” ~ scriptwriter

“SUM-it UP became my think-tank, support group, go-to team, and more.~ book author & educator

“The community it provides is its the MOST important aspect. Both Tara and Anastasia, but also the other people they attract to the program, are creative, open, active, and collaborative. This is not a community where your questions will disappear into the ether of the internet. There is always someone there who either has the answer or, at the very least, a suggestion of what to try because we are all on the continuum that is the ever-evolving internet. They give specific feedback on everything from, “do you like my new blog colors?” to “how can I improve my SEO (and what the heck IS SEO, anyway?)” to “do I really HAVE to use Twitter?”. In no way do I feel like I have all the answers, but I am very happy to have a posse that can likely point me in the right direction and share my little triumphs (and sympathize if I need to lick my wounds).” ~ creativity coach

“A wonderful group of international artists, writers, and creators.” ~ artist

GlobalNiche’s community best helps me by giving a different perspective, sharing ways I could connect with readers/buyers. Savvy of all sorts is easier as a member of this dynamic group.” ~ textile designer & tour operator

Challenging, educational. Community of mutually-inspired entrepreneurs. Global focus pulls your head out of the mundane.” ~ micro-farmer

“I just witnessed how a strongly built virtual circle helps women all around the world connect genuinely and express freely their authenticity. Thank you for creating such an environment and making us a part of it.” ~ leadership coach

“Camaraderie. Chance to share and get feedback and build an on-going support system.” ~ artist & author

“I’m loving the prompt, positive feedback. It’s giving me the impetus I need. I feel supported and people think I have something interesting to say. It is incredibly motivating to see people’s vision materialize. It gives me hope and courage.” ~ academic

“I really felt supported. It was like home for me. I felt understood. I felt welcomed by these people who were just being themselves. It was wonderful for me to see their examples and get their support. It validated my natural instincts to to give and to share~ life coach


3.  You want to make sense of your many strengths, interests & needs.

“GlobalNiche opened my eyes to my own assets. It has given me the confidence to bet on myself. This has inspired me to put more effort into my own goals and dreams.” ~ work-at-home parent

“Questioning what I want and where I want to be — in the best way possible. You’ll connect with what your true aim is, you’ll come up with a plan and you’ll begin to make it happen.” ~ foreign language translator

“I am learning how to create my own niche. I have so many interests.” ~ software engineer

“This program is for people who are wondering if what they have to say is valuable.” ~ financial officer

“Engaging, informative, supportive. I was able to see my offering as unique.” ~ transpersonal coach & author

“I learned to reappropriate my own power and potential while having fun.” ~ artist & multiculturalist

An evolutionary, instinctive, global program. I learned I have the tools to put all my talents under one roof and the path I am on is tangible.” ~ entrepreneur & cultural curator

“I liked analyzing all the elements of my life to make it work.” ~ educator

“When I hear you talk about identity and multiple cultural personalities and finding your creative outlets no matter where you are, I feel understood.” ~ global curator

“I’ve been inspired by the talks you’ve posted. It’s difficult to find guides and benchmarks when you’re operating globally.” ~ investment banker


4.  You’re ready to increase your impact & visibility.

From being a rabbit in the headlights of the internet, I’m surprised and proud to see myself hop from Facebook to Pinterest, from WordPress to LinkedIn, from G+ and even throw in the occasional tweet. Without SUM-it UP’s step-by-step approach and the patience and relentless encouragement of Anastasia and Tara, I would still be hiding in my hole.” ~ novelist

“I joined the program to jumpstart my visibility on the web. I doubled my Twitter presence just by learning about good Twitter etiquette.” ~ scriptwriter

Caused a thorough refresh of my website copy and a disciplined rethink on a number of social media outlets that I had previously neglected. Very valuable. Raised many good questions for my professional ‘persona’.” ~ leadership retreat faculty & organizational development advisor

“HIGHLY recommend! It helped me to: recognize and own how I am being virtually “seen”; make positive and educated changes to my virtual platforms; ask for support with the things I don’t know about social media; raise my internet outreach and effect to achieve my goals.” ~ landscape contractor

“SUM-it UP would be good for anyone wanting to expand their exposure in the world.~ transpersonal coach & author

Every woman should watch this 10 tools video workshop if she’s serious about her online visibility.~ founder of a global tech women organization

“For a long time I had a misconception about being visible. I saw it as “self-marketing” and ego-driven, yet I found that not speaking up to own my views, my skills or my experience did nothing to serve me. Two things Anastasia and Tara talk about have really resonated with me: setting a big audacious goal and the importance of connecting with like-minded people. When the goal is bigger than you, you reach out and connect with people to accomplish the goal. And for that you need to be visible. Things are already changing. I now understand how my online platform can help me and I started with updating my Linkedin Profile.” ~ software consultant & MBA student


5.  You want tools that fit & a system that works.

“The unique combination of platform building and core social connectivity and focus on personal fulfillment makes this a personalized workout to build your media core — with GlobalNiche as your personal trainer.” ~ entertainment industry veteran

“The most rewarding and surprising aspect of Sum-It-Up is its highly effective blend of addressing the most creative, individual, and personal aspects of a professional and artistic journey with the very concrete nuts and bolts of how to strategically use social media to achieve your goals.” ~ university instructor & novelist

Moved to take it a second time. SUM-it UP helped me by giving a framework within which to grow myself. I really appreciate the warmth and specific steps. My next challenges are to fill in the template with me. I want to express myself in a SUM-it UP world.” ~ life coach

“The GlobalNiche program will give you all the steps you need to take to find and choose the answers that will work for you.” ~ creativity coach

“I am now seeing how SUM-it UP’s value lies in its iterative nature. I’m going to do it every 6 months.” ~ resiliency expert & book author

In small steps big things happen. There’s a lot of wisdom accumulated in GlobalNiche.”~ journalist & novelist

“I like the 30-day trial, and that it’s okay to get what you can now and then go back to it. This program can keep growing with you.~ scriptwriter

Nuts and bolts of how to build your platform. Practical, confidence-building.” ~ creativity coach & workshop producer

Do-able, constructive. A safe environment to explore new options for creative challenges like juggling all of our life roles.” ~ educator

“SUM-it UP is all in one place, and you can see it in its entirety. Great for scheduling time to access the program in a manner that fits with our busy lives.” ~ author

“I am getting organized both in the real world and in my mind. For the first time I am making visual representations of my work and my ideas.” ~ work-at-home parent

Guides you to find YOUR tools. Sophisticated and intelligent understanding of Public, Personal, Private – and data ownership. A comprehensive overview which will walk you through what you need to know to launch yourself into the great blue space of the internet.” ~ behavior design entrepreneur

“Tara so clearly and concisely explained the differences among the various platforms and their different audiences and appeals, in a way I hadn’t heard before.  I felt smarter and more empowered to make decisions.” ~ university instructor

“Your 10 tools video helped me pull together the pieces I have been collecting in those odd spare moments. Wonderfully warm communication style. You answered many of the questions I’ve had relating to the vulnerability of sharing personal ideas.” ~ paralegal